4.1 Proposals

My first idea is to use Pawel Kuczynki’s method of using satire to show issues that we face in today’s society. I want to display the ongoing debate about “chem/contrails” aka the white lines in the sky. I want to either do a painting using gouache and it shows a kid playing tic-tac-toe in the air. I would paint this on stonehenge paper in not so big dimensions such as 12×18. My other idea with this proposal is to use photography and editing, or gouache as first stated, still in a satirical aspect, of people looking at the sky playing the typical “make pictures out of clouds” game, and one pointing with a thought cloud saying “I don’t know…perpendicular” lines. 

My second idea is to use Miya Bailey’s depictions of the black woman and spirituality/divinity in a painting on stonehenge paper using inkwash. I would like this picture to be fairly big such as 18×24 being that it represents power. I plan to make it black and white and show her perhaps playing with planets creating the concept that she “has the world in her hands.” 

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My third idea will once again use Miya Bailey’s depictions of black women and how he admires the body, tattoos, and Egyptian symbols through means of photography and editing. I will have this post printed in a larger scale (18×24), in most likely black and white. I will photograph a woman in different poses and layer the picture together as one. With this idea I also thought of drawing out the associated form of an African woman (big afro and curves) in large scale, and then fill the space with magazine cut outs of black women or statements relevant to make up her body. Maybe have darker pictures for her hair. 

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Interests and Inspiration

I personally have developed a strong interest in African history and culture. I like to learn the African ways of life before slavery occurred, back when Africans were kings and queens and gods and goddesses. I have a more specific interest in the image of the black women and how our natural beauty was once praised. I really like to empower black women, and others that do it, in knowing how beautiful and powerful we truly are. My main focus is culturism, with a focus on African traditions of dressing (head wraps, scarves, tribal prints), naturally looking (kinky hair, different skin tones, full lips and body).

One artist that I am greatly inspired by is the well known tattoo artist, Miya Bailey, from Atlanta, Georgia. He has tattooed many famous models, actresses, and singers. Though, I’m a fan of his tattoos, I believe his paintings and drawings are far better. His work usually shows tribal prints, Egyptian symbols and figures, and depictions of nude and/or royal black women.

Another artist that  I am inspired by is Mickalene Thomas who  is a New York-based artist known for her elaborate paintings adorned with rhinestones, enamel and colorful acrylics. Her depictions of African American women explore notions of black female celebrity and identity while romanticizing ideas of femininity and power

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I am also very interested in the problems of today’s society. I always look into issues such as the troubles of the government, miseducation, technology, ethics, etc. I’ve always had a sensitive heart to the issues that many overlook and feel that many can be solved by just passing knowledge to those around you.

One artist that  I am inspired by is the Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski. He uses satire in his art work to portray problem in today’s social, political, and cultural reality. Many of his works show the dysfunction in the government, vanity, poverty, etc. I hope to one day be able to create artwork that exposes people to reality and better ways of life.

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Tile Deck Solutions


I changed the black to a pink color and it changed the composition from a very saturated and brightly colored piece to a pastel looking background. The change of color made the other colors less noticeable and the pink blended in with the background.