ImageImageImageI noticed how different lighting affected the value and saturation of the box depending on how the light was staged. 

I used the analogous color scheme of red violet and red to adjust the hue and saturation of the color.  

I used the analogous color scheme of orange and red orange to find these colors. 

I used the monochromatic blue. 


Color Test

While taking the color test, all of the colors were turning into a blur but after I finished I thought that I’d get a close to perfect score….. Surprisingly I received a 105 which I take is a horrible score. It was disturbing, I know that I have bad vision, but I didn’t know it affected my color vision as well.

Color Change

Hue is the most obvious characteristics of color. By changing the color of the outer box to a more similar inner color, it lessened the hue, whereas the opposite color brought out a greener green.

Saturation is the purity of color. The bright orange brought out a rich and full color with it being opposite it from the color scale. While the “indigo” color which was closer to the blue, made the colot more dull, bringing the saturation down.

Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. By having a brighter and more vivid background color, the first box brought a lighter pink color. By having a darker, more similar background color for the second box, it made the inner box darker. Image


2.3 in Progress


The idea here is to depict modern day stereotypes of the young black male. I used imagery by staging the guys in specific ways – drinking, smoking, throwing up gang sighs etc. – and dressed in typical urban gear. So far I’ve only used props as materials, I’m considering re-zshooting the picture to better represent my idea more. As of now, I’ve used Khinde Wiley’s interpretation of urban males, as well as Kara Walker’s idea of stereotypes and silhouettes.



Self Portrait



Self Portrait

My self portrait turned out exactly the way I had imagined it would. I wanted to be sure to stick to the assignment while giving it a good sense of what I am about, without a direct and straight forward approach. As can be seen, there are many of me, which is probably a nightmare to imagine there being more then one of me for those that know me well. However, this represents me feeling like I have to be a million places at once with a million things to do. I wont give anymore details though, I will leave it up for interpretation. Many and most of the photoshop tools I have learned up to this point were used in creating this piece. Looking at it now I wish I would have mixed myself more into the background instead of appearing mostly at the foreground but all in all…

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2.3 Recreation Ideas

I want to use Kara Walker’s idea of silhouettes and representation of stereotypes throughout history. However, i would combine it with Kehinde Wiley’s depictions of modern day urban black males. My plan is to stage a photo shoot of a number of black men/boys depicting numerous stereotypes. After printing it, I will use Ingrid Callamay’s method of tracing over it, and I will relay the outline to a canvas and/or appropriate size paper and paint it in the form of a silhouette. Here’s a random pic off of google and a quick recreation to show what the final outcome may be similar to. ImageImage